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الموديل A41

الطاقه 5*4 وات

الوزن 210 جرام 

الماده المونيوم

وضع واحد

الجهد 5V

الخط 80cm+30cm


Model M41

Power 4*5W

Weight 210g

Material Aluminum

Switch 1files

Voltage 5V

Line 80cm+30cm 

Introducing our  مصباح يدوي بالاشعه فوق البنفسجية5*4 وات جهد 5فولت, the perfect handheld UV light for all your smart tool needs. With a power output of 4 watts and a voltage of 5 volts, this UV light is designed to provide strong and efficient UV rays for various applications. Whether you need to spot stains, check for counterfeit currency, or sanitize surfaces, this handheld UV light is the ultimate tool for the job. Its compact and portable design makes it easy to carry around and use whenever necessary, making it a must-have for any smart tool kit. Say goodbye to guessing and ensure accuracy with our reliable and powerful  مصباح يدوي بالاشعه فوق البنفسجية5*4 وات جهد 5فولت.


مصباح يدوي بالاشعه فوق البنفسجية5*4 وات جهد 5فولت

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