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DC Voltage       200m -2000m -20- 200- 1000V    ±(1.2% 2dgts)AC Voltage       200  750V      ±(2.0% 10dgts)DC Current       200μ- 2000μ -20m- 200mA  ±(1.9% 2dgts)Resistance      200- 2000-20k -200k- 2000kΩ  ±(1.2% 2dgts)Diode Test         YesTransistor Test  YesPower Supply    9V Battery 6F22Display Size      LCD 16×48mmMaximum Display  1999Products Size    70×126×28mmProduct Net Weight    Approx. 150g

Color available      YellowStandard Accessories 

  Test Lead,

Battery, Manual
1000 VDC
200m Amax
500V Max
موديل DT-830D

افوميتر ديجيتال موديل DT830D

وحدة SKU: 00174
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